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Thought I'd make a journal for my two low low tech nanos. Basically, these are to hold fish that I acquired unexpectedly when I didn't have another tanks set up. But, I thought I would make them look as nice as possible until I get my 40b set up.

first, a 1g tank, actually a glass container of some sort. I bought some plants at petsmart, and found that they held two mickey mouse platy fry. I didn't want them to be eaten by the goldfish, koi, or betta, so I put them in this to chill for a while. Added a 10$ tetra mini filter, and more fake plants for cover, as they don't get along great just the two of them.

Petco gravel
found rocks
tetra filter
bits of duckweed and a half dead cambomba stem.

I don't have any plans for this tank, it's going to be torn down soon as my sister is getting a 10g set up for her birthday, so I'm just going to toss them in there and add a few more so they won't pick on one another so much.

The next one is a 1g Hex acrylic tank. I discovered a beautiful male Betta in the back shelf of my local Walmart, wasting away in a tiny dirty cup. All the other fish around him were dead and decaying, so I knew his fate wouldn't be much better. Anyway, figuring a 1g hex that gets cleaned weekly was better than a cup that gets cleaned maybe just as much, here it is.

here he is flaring at the camera

Cepheus' Temporary Kingdom:

Petco gravel
found rocks
marimo ball (just chilling while i put it's vase back together)
ugly fake plant

I like the red of the plant with the red of cepheus, on the gold gravel. I really hate fake plants, this is just to give Cephy something to hide in while I scrape up enough to buy some decent stems.

I want to keep a red stem plant, any suggestions for ones that don't require much light or co2?
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