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seiryu stone

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Mrbluepanda hooked me up w some beautiful stones! I wish I had a smaller tank now lol.
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Haha please lmk when your are gonna start that journal I will be following it.

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I just got some from him too! I kinda wish I had more of them as well, lol. But they do look nice after a quick scrub down. 45 cube journal coming soon, been a long month getting all the parts to get it set up and holy hell my tax refund is almost gone :( But these stones should make the look!
I love my stones from MrBluePanda! I had planned on Iwagumi but ended up piling them all in the tank and just going nuts with the plant layout.. they look so nice, especially on a black substrate! I couldnt leave the extras on the shelf! Highly recommended!
Yeah mrbluepanda gave me some AWESOME stones I used in my 20 long
Im waiting on a order from Manzanita...and then I will start rescaping and planting the tank over.
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