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-Please read before purchasing.
-PM me if you do not see anything you like. I will try my best to help you.
-Shipping is free for all hardscape material.
-Dims (LxWxH) format.
-Wood might not sink right away. Therefore weigh it down for about a week or two and it will sink.
-WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
SW104A—7”x6”x11”---$47 Shipped.

SW119A—12”x12”x17”---$62 Shipped.

SW122A—20”x12”x17”---$115 Shipped. (Multiple Pieces)

SW136A—14”x5”x14”---$50 Shipped.

SW141A—8”x7”x16”---$46 Shipped.

SW148A—5”x15”x10”---$46 Shipped.

SW149A—19”x5”x12”---$46 Shipped.

SW172A—15”x7”x14”---$50 Shipped.

SW173A—20”x12”x12”---$58 Shipped.

SW174A—21”x8”x13”---$50 Shipped.

SW176A—8”x4”x19”---$35 Shipped.

SW179A—18”x4”x13”---$46 Shipped.

SW182A—21”x5”x16”---$53 Shipped.

SW188A—17”x7”x8”---$50 Shipped.

SW194A—20”x7”x17”---$52 Shipped.

SW196A—9”x9”x23”---$62 Shipped.

SW197A—26”x10”x14”---$60 Shipped.

SW201A—10”x6”x9”---$35 Shipped.

SW203A—15”x4”x6”---$35 Shipped.

SW205A—19”x7”x10”---$38 Shipped.

SW208A—11”x6”x13”---$47 Shipped.

SW210A—10”x6”x6”---$35 Shipped.

SW213A—14”x5”x10”---$40 Shipped.

SW214A—15”x5”x10”---$38 Shipped.

SW215A—19”x6”x10”---$42 Shipped.

SW216A—12”x4”x12”---$35 Shipped.

SW217A—17”x5”x10”---$42 Shipped.

SW218A—13”x5”x8”---$46 Shipped.

SW219A—11”x7”x13”---$35 Shipped.

SW220A—13”x4”x13”---$42 Shipped.

SW221A—13”x12”x6”---$37 Shipped.

SW223A—20”x6”x10”---$52 Shipped.

SW224A—19”x5”x15”---$47 Shipped.

SW225A—11”x5”x8”---$35 Shipped.

SW226A—13”x9”x14”---$47 Shipped.(2 Pieces)

SW228A—18”x6”x10”---$50 Shipped. (2 Pieces)
Malaysian Driftwood
RANDOM Piece $10 (5"-10") $18 shipped.
MD1A—-$25 Shipped.

MD2A—-$25 Shipped.

MD3A—-$25 Shipped.

MD4A—-$45 Shipped.

MD6A—-$25 Shipped.

MD7A—-$30 Shipped.

MD8A—-$45 Shipped.

MD9A—-$30 Shipped.

MD10A—-$25 Shipped.

MD11A—-$25 Shipped.

MD12A—-$25 Shipped.

MD13A—-$25 Shipped.

MD14A—-$30 Shipped.

MD15A—-$25 Shipped.

Aquascaping Sets
ASQ1---$84 Shipped. (Multiple Pieces)

ASQ2---$95 Shipped. (Multiple Pieces)

ASQ3---$150 Shipped. (Multiple Pieces)

ASQ4---$75 Shipped. (Multiple Pieces)

ASQ5---$100 Shipped. (Multiple Pieces)

Petrified Wood
By the Pound:
5lb-$35 SHIPPED
10lb-$50 SHIPPED
15lb-$70 SHIPPED
20lb-$90 SHIPPED
P2--8lb---$42 Shipped.

P3--6lb---$35 Shipped.

P4--5lb---$36 Shipped.

P5--8lb---$42 Shipped.

P6--7lb---$38 Shipped.

Seiryu Stone
By the Pound:
5lb-$30 SHIPPED
10lb-$48 SHIPPED
15lb-$60 SHIPPED
20lb-$75 SHIPPED
25lb-$98 SHIPPED
30lb-$115 SHIPPED
A90--14lb---$54 Shipped.

A91--12lb---$48 Shipped.

A92--14lb---$54 Shipped.

A107--14lb---$54 Shipped.

A108--13lb---$52 Shipped.

A112--18lb---$68 Shipped.

A122--20lb---$73 Shipped.

A124--17lb---$65 Shipped.

A125--18lb---$67 Shipped.

A127--17lb---$65 Shipped.

A128--19lb---$70 Shipped.

A130--16lb---$62 Shipped.

A131--19lb---$70 Shipped.

A132--13lb---$52 Shipped.

A133--12lb---$50 Shipped.

A134--10lb---$43 Shipped.

A136--14lb---$55 Shipped.

A137--15lb---$58 Shipped.

A139--14lb---$55 Shipped.

A141--14lb---$55 Shipped.

A142--19lb---$70 Shipped.

A145--19lb---$70 Shipped.

A147--16lb---$62 Shipped.

A149--15lb---$58 Shipped.

Black Seiryu Stone
B7--13lb---$52 Shipped.

B9--14lb---$55 Shipped.

B12--10lb---$43 Shipped.

B17--16lb---$62 Shipped.

B23--18lb---$67 Shipped.

B26--17lb---$65 Shipped.

B27--14lb---$55 Shipped.

B28--16lb---$62 Shipped.

B30--19lb---$70 Shipped.

B31--17lb---$65 Shipped.

B32--12lb---$50 Shipped.

B33--17lb---$65 Shipped.

B34--13lb---$52 Shipped.

B35--15lb---$58 Shipped.

B36--16lb---$62 Shipped.

B37--14lb---$55 Shipped.

B39--16lb---$62 Shipped.

B40--14lb---$55 Shipped.

Ohko Dragon Stone
S84--12lb---$50 Shipped.

S86--11lb---$46 Shipped.

S89--10lb---$43 Shipped.

S91--12lb---$50 Shipped.

S92--12lb---$50 Shipped.

S93--10lb---$43 Shipped.

S94--14lb---$60 Shipped.

S95--11lb---$46 Shipped.

S96--15lb---$62 Shipped.

S102--15lb---$62 Shipped.

S104--7lb---$35 Shipped.

S105--8lb---$37 Shipped.

S107--16lb---$65 Shipped.

S108--10lb---$43 Shipped.

S110--10lb---$43 Shipped.
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