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Seen this light? It looks like it has it all! But its spendy.

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When I set up a 120 gallon, this might be the light...:cool: Aquarium Lighting for Reef Aquariums: Outer Orbit Pro Series HQI/T-5/LED Lights
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I wouldn't run the two 150 watt HQI MH at the same time as the T5s. And I would probably put a Planta or two in the T5 mix. So it would be 6-7 or so hours of MH midday and T5 before and after - for an hour or so each for dawn to dusk. This is definately not an economical light to purchase, however.
Not when you consider replacing the reef-centric bulbs.
coralife aqua lights are better priced ad have most of that stuff. NOVA lighting also makes something like that
Gah! Spendy! I'd have to win the lottery to be able to afford that! Wish I could though . . .
Not when you consider replacing the reef-centric bulbs.
Are you talking about the MH 10000Ks or the T5 actinics? The actinics have to be repalced for sure, but I think the MH 10000Ks would be allright. I like the fact it has the 12 moonlights and is programable. Definately a lottery friendly fixture.:eek:
The T5. And some of those 10,000k MH lights look really really blue.
One of my favorite aspects of the halide pendant is the fact that they are "open", and do not require a fan. This all-in-one light needs a fan because that blazing bulb appears enclosed. Given the choice between this, or a solo halide pendant, I'd take the pendant (regardless of the price tag). It's a whale of a light for a reef, but from every angle, it looks like a bad case of overkill for a planted tank.
I respectfully disagree. It is overkill in total. But all components are there for each proportion of the day. Morning / Late afternoon T5, Mid MH, and Nighttime moonlight viewing. The size is not that large at 15"x 4 x length chosen. I do agree a noisy fan is one drawback, for sure.
are you going with softies?
Not familiar with that term? What do you mean...
Not familiar with that term? What do you mean...
This is a reference to soft coral. Not a usual planted tank term. :D
you could keep lps,sps,crocea's,gigas' or whatever under that light!
haha I can throw around reef terms too!!!! ;P
I emailed Current USA and asked if each bank of T5s could be turned on individually as that is best for FW aps. Very quick response from Current-USA. They all turn on at the same time, but they said it was a good idea and would pass it on to R&D. I imagine I could wire in a second switch/cord fairly easily, but I wouldn't want to have to at this price.
$999 for the 48" fixture? wow...
If you don't want (or can't) shell out the $$ for MH, I would like to suggest Tek lighting (T-5 HO). I just got em for my 90g (48") and it ended up being around $450 total, including fixture(6x54w), lights and mounting hardware. You may consider that at 1/2 the price and rivalling MH's. No led's though. I've read plenty of DIY ideas using computer LEDs for dirt cheap though....just an idea.
Yeah its spendy. But the unit with 150 watt HQIs is $830. Of course that doesn't include ditching four actinics which will bring it back to near $890. But I bet one could trade the actinics straight with a good online retailer you buy it from for no extra, with a little nice haggling.. And it is MH, T5 and LEDs. I think its a great light, IF, the two banks of T5s could be independently controled. And its darn near impossible to incorporate LEDs in a Tek, without little wires running around. I know, as I tried to take one apart once, and punted after an hour.
funny my lfs is selling me the same fixture for 699.00 canadian brand new i think they want to get rid of it too bad i have no money right now
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