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Alright so I was cleaning the other nite and I found my boyfriends old mini 2 gallon hex he used to keep his Betta in. I had some extra Flourite laying about and threw it in. It dawned on me, instead of hiding collecting dust, little 2 gallon hex can keep plants for me.

So this is where the advice will come in handy. I have kept aquariums since I was a 6 year old child. I have personally not kept fish in about 4 years, and earlier 2006 I started getting into the wonderful world of planted tanks I was deprived of as a child. Even though I have done myriads od reading on teh subject and drooled at many a pictures, I am still not an expert of setting up a nice planted environment, especially in a container this small. I was wondering on set up idea and sugessted plants.

Here is what i have so far. Aquascape 2 Hex, Tertra whisper 3 filter, Flourtite, a peice of slate, a few river rock, 15 watt compact flourescent bulb, "extra" riccia tied haphazardly on to rocks, a small java fern, a pice of Val I am trying to grow out, small pieces of algae ball.

I went to art school and got a degree in in, but my skills in aquascaping are shameful. Any help on layout and plants to keep is appreciated. I plan on keep ing a few cool Gyraulus i have in my shrimp tank and possibly some excess shrimp (in the future). My main help with is deciding on which plant species will thrive in a small environment such as the 2 gal hex and will tolerate no special heating device. Hangs arround between 20 degree.

Thank you for helps!

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