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Seeking a good reference for Amazonian Biotopes

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In one of the latest aquarium magazines there was a blurb on a newly published book which broke down the biotopes of the amazon river. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? All I know is that its a couple of hundred pages with Tons of underwater photography.

If you haven't heard of it, does anyone recommend any other good references related to the amazon river that isn't a website?
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Do you know what magazin it was? TFH? I am not sure of any good books, but a great website on biotopes is
JakeJ: Yea man I've used mongabay a bunch and its definitely one of the top online resources I've found but this book looked to have a ridiculous amount of underwater photography... which to me can be more informative than any written information out there. I'm gonna keep looking but it was one of the november or december issues of the main freshwater mags. And I remember it being on a vertical banner, almost like an advertisement but the editor commented on it. Thanks for the quick response!
Whoa, never knew about that link on Mongabay! Thanks big boi.
The book you may be thinking about is "Below Water: The Amazon" by Oliver Lucanus. I think PFK did a write up on it a while ago. Hope this helps.
That is it! Thank you sir.
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