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Seeding the cycle

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So I'm think of seeding the tank use the whisper 10 hob filter I have in the 5 gal. I have a nano filter I am going to use on the 5 gal when it becomes the betas new home (the flow rate is adjustable ) so I was going to start running it on the 5gal with the other filter.

How long do you think it will take to cycle the nano filter?

Does anyone think I'll kill the Whisper10 I plan to run on the 29gal to seed it or am I look at this all wrong?
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WELL the nano filter is up and running with the whisper 10 for one week the tank looks cleaner was not expecting that.
Algae is growing on the plants now what? Ive been dosen API CO2 booster seem to have brownex it out.
You can indeed swap filters around to get some bacteria growing, but all the bacteria in all your tanks will only equal the amount of ammonia in those tanks. How many fish you have is related to how much bacteria you have. To get more fish, you need to grow more bacteria, not just share bacteria among the tanks.

Here is what I would do:
1) Put the right sized filter on each tank.
2) Put most of the cycled media in the filter that is serving the tank where the fish live. Keep a good colony going so the fish do not suffer from the ammonia or nitrite.
3) Put a little bit of cycled media in the new set up (whichever tanks do not have fish).
4) Do the fishless cycle on those tanks.

A fishless cycle with no starter bacteria takes about 3 weeks.
By starting with a little bit of filter media that has some bacteria it will go faster. How much faster depends on how much bacteria you add.
You can also add bacteria from a bottle. Look for Nitrospira.
Keep on feeding the bacteria (from filter media or from a bottle) with ammonia until you are ready for fish. Then a big water change to get rid of the nitrates.

There are quite a few species of algae, and each seems to have optimum conditions, and will need to be identified to be controlled. Basically thriving plants will reduce the algae growth.
Have a look in the Algae forum for more details.
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I have a large lava rock I'm also going to swap in to the new tank.
Nitrifying bacteria live on all the surfaces in the tank, so moving some decor from a cycled tank to a new tank will move some bacteria, too.
I was origanaly going to use all the plants from my betta bowl to plant the new tank but the red luewigia is not looking so good in the 5gal so I'm going to trim and replant the ones in the 5galtank to see if they can be saved.
How long is the light on?
How long is the light on?
about 12 hours but I dont think the RL is get enough. Im going to move the light.
Too much light. I'll do 4-6 max until you get co2. Otherwise 4-6 hrs max.

Or raise the light a 1 foot. For now.
Well the cycle is come to a end still took 30 Plus day even with seeding and fish.

Oh well. but now its fishy time :):fish::fish::):):fish1::icon_eek::):icon_roll :redface: :flick: :fish:
I cycled two tanks in a week tops by cleaning filters from established tanks and completely dumping all off the dirty, mucky brown water into the tank and hob. I dump so much you can't even see the back glass pane. It works well.
I check the tank yersterday and all numbers where perfect 0,0,20 so I quess it over I found a blue ram I want but the guy at the store is being a pain in the ass. The freshwater guy is a college student and is only there from 5 to 9 and no one else will help you. I guess they have the market cornered:fish1:
Really? What a d-bag! You should just grab a bag and help yourself then. time, though, use some of the established media in the new filter and immediately throw some fish flakes in the new tank. That will start creating ammonia which will feed the bacteria until you are ready for fish. Once you see nitrates, it is ready. I recently set up a tank this way and saw nitrates within 5 days. I also used a few cupfuls of gravel, a few small lava rocks and a fake plant from the established tank. Worked like a charm.
I added water and dirty filter media and had ammonia and nitrites and nitrate withing 24 hours I add API Quick-Start too.

Sorry just look again it was 20+ days to cycle.
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