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Second try at raising Discus fry, much better than the first.

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Hi all,
My first attempt ended in total failure, I'll mark that dowm as a learning experiance.

This span is/was more of an experement to see if the Fire Red Discus I bought was a male. I put him in with me Turk female to see if thay would get along. I figured that if there was a productive spawn I would know he is a he. :)

Anyway. The fry were free swimming about 09-23-07, which makes the three weeks old. Good thing I work part time because I have been changing water three times a day. Usualy 50%, 25%, 50%.

Here are some pictures:

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Thats great!!! Best of luck on them and keep all of us informed about it.
Why did they die the first time? What did you do different?
They're so cute! hopefully they come out well. Are you gonna sell them when they grow, or keep them? Good luck on raising them!
Whoa, those fry look awesome!!! I'm only used to seeing guppy fry lol Best of luck to you!
very cute.

good golly, 3 water changes a day....
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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