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Second Hand System

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Hey guys,

I recently just picked up an entire system second hand (tank, stand, filter, lights, wavemaker, co2 bottle w/ regulator). The lighting that came with it was a Sun System Tek-Light T5HO 39W 4 bulb unit (pretty sure this is the link to it - Sun System Tek-Light HO T5 Fluorescent Fixture 36 39W | 960015 : Grow Light Supply)

The tank I have is a 55gallon (36x17x21) and I'm wondering where this light would be put me as far as low-med-high?? I'm guessing I'm in low-med range but I was just curious what your thoughts on the light are.

I haven't had a chance to check what bulbs are in there now but I know I have at least one 6500k, one unknown and I think a 1500k?? bulbs still in boxes. Would it be worth replacing them with all 6500k bulbs??

I'm going to have pressurized CO2 and would like med-high lighting for this tank. I'd be open to new lights and flipping these ones but being from Canada most of the fixtures are starting to get pretty pricey if I wanted a new LED.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Plenty of light.
Pick tubes in shades you like..
1500k is orange looking...

My guess would be it was saltwater and at least one of the bulbs is very blue looking (15000K?)
Since you bought this used, it's safe to assume that all the bulb need replacement. Typically you can figure T5 bulbs are good for about 12 to 18 months.

Lighting is about the most talked about and subjective subject on the aquarium hobby. My choice of replacement bulbs would be two bulbs in the 6500k to 10000k range and two bulbs of the flora or plant grow type. Those are the bulbs that look pink when you install them. However, you have a lot of other choices here, and if someone recommends another bulb combo, I would not call them wrong.
After messing around with the lights it looks like I might need a new one anyway. Currently the outside two don't work. I've tried the two bulbs from the middle ballast which light up and nothing so it's definitely not the bulbs. I've never really opened one of them up to see what might be wrong. By the time I mess around with it and buy new bulbs it might have been easier to get a new fixture anyway.

Thanks for the responses guys.
One of the nice things about T5 lighting is that you can usually repair them with off the shelf parts at very reasonable prices. Usually the ballast is fairly standard and you can swap it out with out too much trouble. I used Fulham workhorse ballasts when I had to do this.

Ballast selection will depend upon what is in the original fixture. Most use two ballasts with each lighting two bulbs. When I did this, I replaced both ballasts, figuring that if one was bad the other was ready to go.
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