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sebastian the bullhead

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the formula 1 championship has just ended and i finally have a name for my catfish. named after the three consecutive time drivers champion...sebastian. so its time to start a journal.

sebastian lives in a 75 gallon tank with an undergravel filter. flouride substraight. useing a shop light with a zoomed tropic sun 5500k daylight and a flora sun max plant growth bulb. only two species of plants ananchoris and jungle val. i dose florish once a week, and excel every day, and root tabs (forgot the brand) once and a while after they've dissolved.

look at my youtube channel in my sig. to catch up on past updates, im going to post to this thread every time i make a new video.
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new videos up on youtube. im treating for ich useing kordons ich attack. was going to buy a heater but i cant afford it. and i dont want to use one after the treatment is done. but i do need to move my bullfrogs out of my 30g paludarium and turn that back into a feeder tank and keep ich out of the 75g. next time i might upload a feeding video. ive only got one video of it swimming around in the 75g. check em out give me a sub and a like
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