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I finally got the spousal go-ahead for a new tank, and it has a specific placement in my tiny house so the size is limited to 40"or under.

I really like some of the 65 talls I have seen, its really the aesthetic I want. But I can only find one tank that size and its the Aqueon at Petsmart.

The problem is it has a lot of horrible reviews. like 2/3 of the reviews are 1/5 saying the tank springs a leak easily.

In the store it looks pretty solid and thick. But if I get a tank and it leaks the spousal acceptance factor will go WAY down. Like no more tanks. It would go very badly.

SO I have looked elsewhere and can't find another 65 tall.

Anyone know where I can find one?

Maybe get the Aqueon and re-silicone the seams?
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