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Sealing PVC plumbing safely..

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What is everyone using to seal PVC fittings with?

Im getting ready to build my second DIY Co2 reactor and am
wanting to seal this one up a bit better.
First one isnt leaking, but i dont want to take any chances with
this one.

So here i am, trying to see what everyone else is doing that is
safe for our fish.

Thanks for the help. :fish:
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I'm assuming you mean standard plumbing PVC fittings.

For this you use PVC primer on the fitting and pipe, then PVC cement on the fitting and pipe, and push them together and give them about a 1/4 turn, if possible.

PVC primer is usually purple. This is so a building inspector can tell that it's been used properly. However, for use where things need not be inspected by a 3rd party a clear primer is available, and makes a much neater looking job.

You can get PVC primer and PVC cement at places like Home Depot or Lowes. You may have to order the clear primer on the net.

If you need to be able to take what you build apart, it's best to use unions. They are usually available from the same stores.

Yes, this is quite save for fish once it cures.
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Alright, the last line was what i was looking for.

Ive got the purple primer and cement her at home.
Thanks a bunch
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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