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Sealing concrete?

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Howdy! I'm an experienced herper doing my first GS foam/concrete wall construction in a pennplax reptology 32x19x26 tank. here is a link to an album of the work i've done so far:[email protected]/sets/72157629550797649/

I am looking all around at various forums for what to do next, and basically I'm going to do a light concrete coating over all of the foam and paint it with non-toxic acryllic paint. However, I see a lot of posts suggesting that I need to cure the concrete, most further suggesting that I do this via soaking my fake rock structure in a vinegar/water solution. Since my creation is my entire tank, I clearly can't soak it, so before I go applying concrete, oh gurus of tank building, can you offer any suggestions for how i will seal this concrete?
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ahh brain fart. Well anyway when I was doing my pond i got a bag that did the whole pond. It was very fine and when you mixed it is was very watery and you just spread a light coat on the waterproof your pond. (yes my pond is concrete) I can't remmeber the name of it exactly. This is probably a waste of a post. Ahhh fustrates me that i can't remember lol. I got it from a building supply place. sorry i couldn't help
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