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seachem's liquid ferts.

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hello to who ever reads this post :)
i have a question for you.
i have a 20 gallon tank which has plants in it along with fish.
im planning on getting more plants after christmas hopefully
now i know for keeping plants you ideally need a rich substrate so im using "eco complete"
and the liquid ferts im choosing to use are "seachem"
seachem trace, seamchem flourite and seachem's my question how do you use liqiud ferts? do u poor the ferts into the cap and then directly into the tank?
or do u mix it with new water on a water change?
or does it matter either way?
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For the ones I do use, I have a medicine syringe that comes with a little cap type thing that fits right in the top of the bottle, so I use the syringe and squirt it right in the tank.
Just pour it in. If its too concentrated in that corner the fish will just swim away until its diffused throughout the tank.
thanx for your in-put guys, much appreciated :)
will keep you posted with pics if i can of my planted tank.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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