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Seachem Trace daily

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Anyone dosing Seachem Trace daily instead of twice a week (same total volume dosed over one week)? I'm starting to suspect my plants may benefit more from daily traces, but can't seem to get a solid answer from Seachem about this.
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Would guess its the same as with all other nutrients, if they run out between the dosings then yes I would say it should benefit your plants. If they don't run out then there would be no benefit.
Also depends on what chelators are being used and what PH you have in the tank. Traces using EDTA would need more frequent dosing and products using DTPA and HEEDTA would need less frequent dosing IF some trace do not run out like I said.
pH is in the mid-6 range, and KH and GH are very low. About 50 ppm hardness total.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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