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Seachem Purigen - Should I replace?

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Good Morning Everyone,

When I first bought my tank, I bought some Purigen, but I never used it.

When I opened it up, I put have into a plastic container with water, and the other half in a ziplock bag. They have been sitting this way for about 7 months now.

The one in the plastic container has turned a redish/brown container. Do you believe i could recharge this, and still use it?

Do you believe the half in the ziplock bag would still be good?
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Recharge it and see if turns white, then you are gold.
It can be revived multiple times, I am using the same pouch for more than 5 months and recharged thrice.
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I agree with Watercrayfish - just add some bleach and let it recharge. It happens pretty quickly so you will know in a minute or two.
Do Not use the "no splash" type bleach - it's thicker than usual. Plain old non scented bleach.
Rinse it until you think the smell is gone - then have someone else sniff it. Your nose becomes "blind" to the smell after a while.
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