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I'd like to chime in too. Also I have a question.

I just bought a bag of red Flourite because I want to start planting my tank and I heard good things from everyone about it. I rinsed the crap out of it before I mixed it with my natural gravel. I've never had a substrate this dusty so obviously I underestimated it.

Right now my black moore is back in his tiny 5 gallon with nothing else around him. I feel bad lol.

I rinsed the flourite, added it to the tank, realized how screwed I was, and did a full water change. I added the water back in very slow but it's still about the same cloudiness after an hour. I'm able to see the filter stem coming down the back so that's a plus I guess.

Any idea on how long you think before it's safe enough to put the fish back where he belongs?

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