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Seachem fertilizer users chime in

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What is everyone's dosing schedule?

Im trying to work something out here on my 90 gallon.
dose Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 25-30% water change on Sunday and then back to dosing on Monday.

Ive also tried dosing on Mondays and Thursdays, doing my water change on Sundays. I havent noticed a difference.
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I only dose twice a week. 30% water change once a week. No Co2 on any of the tanks though. Do this with 4 tanks. Seems to be working.
Dosing schedules can be pretty flexible, you just need to make sure the plants have what they need at all times. The rate of uptake is going to be dependent on the amount of light and whether you are injecting CO2.

I like the Seachem line of ferts but for a large tank they are way too expensive, you are paying mostly for shipping water and for the bottle. There are only a few cents worth of ferts in each bottle. Suggest you look into dosing dry ferts which are dirt cheap.

GLA, one of the sponsors here is another good source.
Yeah ive already got plans to go to Dry Ferts after i run out of my Seachem stuff.
Im using a dual bulb T5HO fixture over a 90 gallon and i am injecting pressurized co2.

So thinking about cutting it back down to Mondays and Thursdays. Dont see why i would have any issues.
I too, have a 90 gallon tank, pressurized CO2, 4 x 54 watts T5HO and currently dosing Seachem's line of ferts. I'm not that strict with the dosing schedule and like the previous person who commented here, I just make sure they get the right amounts they need. I hardly dose nitrogen as my nitrate levels are already between 20-30 ppm. I test for phosphate and dose accordingly coz the tap water already has some levels of phosphate. I dose potassium, iron, flourish, & flourish trace twice a week each. I dose excel twice a week as well eventhough I'm running pressurized CO2. Just make sure you dont overdose it and even if you dosed half the amount it's OK too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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