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Seachem ferrous gluconate vs. ADA Brighty Iron Fe(III)

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I recently suspected that my aquarium had iron deficiencies, and bought a bottle of ADA Brighty Iron Fe(III) on a whim with a plant package because my rotala colorata was green, and my aquarium plants have been turning a lot redder since. Would Seachem Iron ferrous gluconate work just as well as the ADA Iron? I do realize that my tank already has already a very high Iron dosage with the Thrive+, but since dosing ADA it has seemed to have been redder. I'm debating not dosing ADA Iron for a while to find out myself, but I don't want accidentally ruin my reddening plants.

I read that

"Plants are able to much more easily derive a benefit from Flourish Iron™ than from EDTA-iron sources because all EDTA iron is in the ferric (Fe+3) state. Since plants require iron in the ferrous state, additional physiological energy must be expended in order to extract the ferric iron from EDTA-iron and then convert it to the ferrous form."

and just wanted some thoughts on this.

Here are my tank parameters just in case
ph: 6.5 (buffered by controsoilsoil)
kh 8
gh 9
co2 - high to the point where fish are almost gasping for air
lighting - Twinstar SA
ferts - Thrive+ on EI,
weekly dose is
NO3 24.5001
Po4 4.55
K 17.4999
Fe 1.4054 + 6ml ADA Brighty Iron