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Seachem Buffer products?

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Has anyone had any experience with these? Normally, I wouldn't even bother with messing with the pH of my water, but I want to keep some soft water fish, and mine comes out of the tap at around 9 according to the town water report, 8.2 by my API test kit. Discus buffer, Acid buffer, SA Cichlid buffer, does this stuff actually work, or will it make a mess of your water?
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many buffers are high in phosphate,
so consider that when dosing ferts.
your water sounds perfect for cichlids.
maybe you should just keep peat moss
in your canister filter.
The acid buffer is low to no phosphates, but they add tons of TDSs to the water. Its not worth it. :thumbsdow

Also, odds are good you'll just chase it around in circles and never really get any stability. Just do some research on it.

Your best bet is going to be an RO unit.
I agree with Naja.

It's difficult at best to ever get it down to a science of stability using the buffers and so on.
At least with the RO water, within reason, you know what youre getting each time
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