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Started this hobby about a year ago and just now I decided to keep a better journal of things.

Here's an intro to how i got into the hobby if you guys care

Tank 1: 10 gallon shrimp breeder tank
eco-hood with some colormax mini compacts and a coralife 50/50actinic, aquaclear20 and sand substrate. RO/DI with CaCl2/MgSO4 and Kent's RO right.

My goal for this tank is to breed crystal red shrimp. I had a very difficult time getting the GH for this tank to be stable and the pH. Kent's RO right wasn't able to raise the GH above 2 without adding too much TDS.
After I used CaCl2/MgSO4 with a 3:1 ratio, i was able to get the GH to 5 easily.

So far, I'm just cycling it and making sure the water parameters are perfect before I stock it with expensive shrimps.

Tank 2: 20 gallon long, high tech. Aquaclear 50 with fugeray 2, GLA co2 atomizer, a hydro nano 240 powerhead. + 40lb eco complete

It was originally a 10 gallon but the fish were getting too crowded so I upgraded.

to this


Now stocked with: 2 otos, 12 harlequin rasboras, 19 neon tetras, 2 guppies and red cherries
The HC is finally carpeting!

I'm currently dealing with a lot of algae issues with that tank, mostly staghorn. I recently got the power head and i'm hoping the nutrients/co2 will be distributed evenly to help with that.

I'm trying to find a plant to fill in the middle, midground area. Originally I was going to plant more blyxa's in that area but the blyxa's get too tall and block the rocks. Any suggestions for a short midground plant there?

Tank 3: 10 gallon blue velvet shrimp tank
aquaclear 20, finnex planted+, 20lbs eco-complete, GLA CO2 atomizer

Originally started out with this ugly scape

Now it's slightly better. I took out all the rocks

Tank is a mix of RO and tap water. Blue velvets seem to love it. No known problems yet...

One thing I'm puzzled about is this shrimp

The shrimp in the front doesn't look as blue as my other shrimp. It also has the red spotting on it. The head is appears to be blue. I just dont want it to be a wild type and crossbreed.

Here's another where one of the blue velvets are green... is this a morph or just a temporary thing?

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I took down the 20 gallon long and the 10 gallon blue velvet shrimp tank.

The CRS tank is up and i'm still waiting for them to breed.
Bought a 29 gallon and now working on an iwagumi scape.
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