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Just thought I should share this with you. My LFS is closing the day after tomorrow and the owner gave me a brand new Eheim Ecco 2231 canister filter for FREE! It was a PITA to set up, but once I got it all set up, it is powerful.
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You lucky mouse! :) Great deal!
Grats!!! That kinda stuff never happens to me, I must help keep all my LFS's in business :(

Maybe they should give me a free one as a Thanks :flick:
I have 5 Eheim canisters, the oldest being a Classic 2213 which I have had for over 15 yrs and just had to replace the impeller due to my dumbass. Too many beers and decided to clean the filter.

I have a 2260 (This is a beast), 2 Pro II 2060's, Classic 2213, Ecco 2232 ( I should have bought another classic ). You got a great deal getting it for free, but IMO, the Ecco line is a turkey. They dont hold as much media as the comparable classic models and the primer handle will break at the pivot point if you are not careful.
I like my Fluval better than the Ecco. The Ecco is about the same size as my Fluval, but makes about 3 times the amount of noise.
NICE! Dang, I wish I new sooner. I might have gone down there and scored something else too.

Good Job!

EDIT: If you don't like it, I'll take it. I need a smaller filter for a 10 gallon tank.
Eddie, I'm sorry but I need the Ecco for my 15g. I think the store closes tomorrow; me and my friends are walking up there in the morning.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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