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Scientific Classification of Bee vs. Tiger?

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Do both CRS(Bees) and Tigers fall under Caridina Cantonensis? Or are Tigers only "cf." Cantonensis but should fall under their own species category? Any authoritative sources? Can only Google out sales info that are often contradictory...

Actually.. are they both "cf. Cantonensis?"
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They're both caridina cantonensis. Just different color morphs or var.
I wanna say tigers are the same species as crystals. However, I have no proof as it's just from what I understood or seemed to ascertain from my interest in shrimping.

Genus Species
Caridina Cantonesis sp "Tiger"
Caridina Cantonesis sp "Bee"

The sp followed by "" should represent a nickname, sometimes a place holder until the exact species and such is hammered out....from what I understand.
So CRS and Tigers could be different species....and they're placed into the same species for now.

It's an interesting topic that you bring up. I feel like the patterns of CRS and tigers are so drastically different that they deserve to be different species.....but yet it maybe also considered a racial difference in patterning.....not to be racist but like Hispanic, Asian, African, or Caucasian people.

I'm interested to find out the answer too :D
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They also have different preferred condition environments. Tigers (7-7.4) prefer higher pH than Bees (6.2-6.6), and lower temperatures. Though I have both in the same tank, and they do crossbreed.
story goes they are from 1 river and then got separated into another river, and water parameter change in the other river because of adaption they evolve or mutated to survive ~.~ that is why they look different but they have the genes of their ancestors rawr~~
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