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Bought a 40 Breeder during Petcos $1 per gallon sale, now I'm finally getting around to setting it up!

I was getting tired of the 29 Gallon, not enough depth to do anything nice with imo. Moved some of the plants and rock from there over to the 40b. I wanted something with more open space compared to what I had, so I got some nice malaysian driftwood, and kept the rocks low.

Paintball Co2 system w/ Up aqua in line atomizer
DIY stand
Finnex 24/7 and a Finnex planted+
Sunsun 302 and an Aquaclear 50 HOB

Hygrophila Pinnitifida
Anubias nana
Anubias nana petite
Dwarf Hairgrass
Bucephalandra (2 unknown types)
Possibly Monte Carlo? It was unlabeled in the store but thats my best guess
Soon to add some HC to the carpet as well
Mini riccia
Crypt Wendtii Red

Ember Tetras
Corydoras Habrosus
Amano shrimp
Calico Bristlenose Pleco
Asian Bumblebee cat
Bumblebee goby
Apisto cacatuoides
Will be adding a large school of celestial pearl danios soon

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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