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Schooling fishes!

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I would like to kno any type of fishes that school very well and very tight together...

I already have harlequin rasboras so i would like others different out of the rasbora family...

What are your suggestions and your experiences with your schooling fishes...

Which fishes that you kno of will nip fins?

I would really appreciate the help... :)

20 gallon tank "long"

harlequin rasboras and guppies

Vallisnaria's and crypts...
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Brass tetras school well, stay small, and contrast Super well with green plants. They happened to be pretty affordable too.
REally wow thanks..

i might put that on my list for buying...

but are there any more suggestions....

i want the closest to best! :D
danios do as well. here they run about 2.00 a piece so they are affordable
I second rummynose. Best schooling fish I have owned
rummynose, in my opinion the best schooling fish! doesnt matter if they are in a 10g or 135g they still school.
Some pygmy cory cat varieties do well in schools. I've had otocinclus cats hang out and school with them before. Odd, but cool.
Emerald eye rasboras school really well. As good or better than rummynose tetras IMHO.
I have harlequins for 1 year and i must tell you that a 3-5 cm schooling fish will NOT school but in a large and long aquarium (120 cm 180 cm even)
Second the school must be of 30-50 at least
Third. do not mix guuppies witth black water fish. Stay with the rasboras..OR get 30 Boraras Brigitte. The microrasboras WILL school in a 60 long cm tank because they stall smaller than Trigonostigma . And they are blackwater too
Not to forget. They school more when they feel danger. But what danger in a species aquarium? :)
I like these
Paracheirodon simulans~green neon tetra{they really look more blue}
here is a good pic

They need very soft water.
OMG so much... thnks now all i got to do is research all of your suggestions and pick out the best... MY PH in my water is 6.5 but its soo odd how my guppies are still living fine in there... there having babies and such.... BUt i think i might now get rummynoses... Thgh wat about Bloodfin tetras

I think my guppies are fine becuase the water is nto so soft.. its more in the normal water soft and hard...

OH and i know and heard of the three species of RUMMYNOSE TETRAS... so Ill have to be careful in picking them to get the one that looks the best.... the True ones dont show alot of red... but the common one shows alot of the red and silver stripes....
guppies are ok at 6.5 neon can live at 7 - 7.5
they are adaptable creatures long long generations removed from their true habitat
even so..why not try to replicate their lost world so to speak?
you just can not imagine how resilient these small creatures are. Here at my work a guy is a proud owner of a 30 liter tank with 4 mature scalare fish. gi figure :(. and they spawned yesterday.
it is also a difference between THRIVE and survive right? :)
imo get 15-20 neons and 6 pygmy cory. :)
Rummynose are very cool fish. Mine school with my neons and yellow tetras.

My LFS has about 100 rummies in a huge (probably 150 gallon) tank. All of them stick together in a very tight group. It's fun to watch.
OMG so sweeet and cool... ikr!
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