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School/shoaling fish for 12g long?

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So my husband has a 12 g long on his desk with ehiem 2211 canister, temp 78F, and has 2 dwarf puffers and 3 otos +unknown #s of hidden mts and black worms in the substrate. Oh also pH 7.5, 160 gh, 70s kh. It's medium heavily planted with mini micro word, blyxa j. and a., and Italian val. I'm doing 2x 35-45% wc a week just to get rid of half eaten snails. Aqadvisor says I'm at 53% capacity, and my hubby would like some more fish that will swim back and forth. I've seen puffers kept with some schooling fish like tetras and small barb species..
Anyone have advice on some small schooling/shoaling species to put in? Can't be anything slow moving or with long tails as puffers will nip 'em.
May try neon tetra as an easily obtained fish but would love to hear other ideas!

I've read and encourage puffer being a species only tank except maybe otos, but I've seen and heard from some owners that they've successfully kept dwarf puffer with some schooling fish,.. And my husband wants to try it so looking to hear from some of these puffer community owners.
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I rather like what I have now, the golden white cloud mountain minnors. :) They're very pretty, look like little swimming rays of sunlight.

As for whether they would be safe with puffers, you'll have to ask some puffer experts on that one!
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