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Hello, I have a male gourami who is so unnerved by his tank mates that he's stopped eating and is starting to lose weight. I'm very concerned about him, but unsure what to do.

A little info, my tank is 50 gallons, filtered, heated, cycled, moderately planted with plenty of hides, houses 3 pearl gourami (1M, 2F), 14 espei rasbora, 2 fathead minnows.

The rasbora are the inhabitants that make my gourami so scared. Ever since adding them he almost always hides, which is completely opposite of how he used to be. They used to freak the females out as well, but the girls have since become more brave and mingle with the rasbora at feeding time. However, my male refuses to eat, even if he gets a piece of food while I'm distracting the rasbora, he usually spits it right back out. I've tried very small NLS pellets, crushed flakes, frozen bloodworms, but he doesn't eat any of it, and I can only assume it's because he's too nervous to eat. He still occasionally eats, as he occasionally poos (which looks normal btw), but he's so skinny and fragile looking.

I didn't quarantine my rasbora like I should have, but I've had them for months now without anybody being ill, which if it were parasites I'd assume it'd be affecting more than just one fish. My gouramis had ick when I first got them (earlier than the rasbora), but that's been treated and is long gone, and that's the only illness I've had in the tank. I've examined his body and mouth as closely as I can and I don't see anything physically wrong with him inhibiting his eating ability.

I don't know what to do anymore. :( I don't have a separate tank I could put him in so he's more comfortable, and I'm not sure how to entice him to eat, as my normal go to is frozen bloodworms and that did nothing. Is my only option to re-home him?

Thanks in advance!
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