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Scape thoughts?

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Hey all... this tank has been a long time coming! But the time has come to flood it soon. Looking for comments, criticisms, accolades :icon_roll
Thanks for looking!

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Cool looking wood. Good call with the egg crate for support.
What are your plans for plants? Trying to picture the look your going for.
I'm thinking dwarf baby tears at the bottom, some Staurogyne repens in the middle around the rock, some stems in the back, Anubias at the base of the wood, some sort of moss growing on the stick heading to the left, and some sort of riparium type plant growing up the wood. I will probably add some more plants interspersed throughout... At present I can't make up my mind and will end up with a severe case of collectoritis :p
I got it from ADGshop, although I believe it has since been shut down
Looks nice. I think you have the substrate built up an inch or two too high though. The wood seems mighty close to the light and there's also a lot of valuable tank space currently being taken by the substrate.

Of course that may be exactly how you want it to be, just my initial observation :)
Burr, I actually agree with you. In this pic I have the wood on top of the substrate, however I will be anchoring the wood to the eggcrate. This will prevent the wood from floating, and should lower the branches by a couple inches. I intend to have the upper horizontal branch roughly even with the waterline when all is said and done.

My previous layout was this:
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Looks good... but only 1 rock? I'd add a few (2) more...

Wood is great, where did you get it?
Aplomado, I received the wood when I bought the tank from ADG. As for the rocks, I added them originally to keep the hill supported, but changed plans and added the egg crate. Now I'm not sure if I want the rocks or not. I kind of like the original setup with the 3 rocks, but I may just forgo them all together. Your thoughts? Yay or nay

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Wood layout?

So, which do you guys like the best?

This one I think is missing something...

I like this one a little better

This one might be to crowded at the top...

Similar to the 2nd pic here, I like this one the best...

Final pic with dirt:

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The final setup

Ok, so this is it. The wood has been epoxied together and zip-tied to the egg crate. Other than possibly adding some rocks in the future, this is the my hardscape going forward. Now all I need are some plants for my planted aquarium!

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I would make certain that the front substrate line is perfectly level instead of sloped.
Thank you guys for the kind words! I'm still torn on whether I want to put rocks in there... I think I'll go without em to start, and add them later if it seems to be missing something after planting

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If you add them, maybe stagger two small ones in front of the driftwood, between the base of the driftwood and the glass.

Otherwise I think it'd look awesome with just that. What substrate are you using?

So, the tank is full, and leak checks are complete. Running the tank all night to get some of the cloudiness out. I have a large plant order coming in tomorrow, so if all goes well I will have a new plant journal starting tomorrow night! :bounce:

Cloudy tank shot:

Looking down, showing the amount of driftwood poking out of the top.

Another top shot showing the driftwood
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I like the final choice for the wood layout. Liked one other but it's your tank and this is growing on me as we speak.
Think that due to the egg crate shape it will be very hard to get a level line across the front as it will be too steep of an angle and could cause some sliding of the sub there directly in front of the tree.
But did have a couple of suggestions that you could see how they suit you.
First for some reason when I look at the scape you chose I keep seeing one of those rocks in between the largest tree and the one next to it in that gap.
Next, if you look at a picture of the tank with the largest tree being on the right and the low limb sticking out to the left(the one that's marked "Cloudy Tank shot") you see a curved limb almost directly in the center but down low
towards the bottom. Well across the left end of it I would tie a Nana Pettete
and let the roots reach for the sub.
And last but not need to know that this plant occassionally breaks off small pieces and they drift all over and re-establish themselves. But...look at the limb which goes towards the left. It has a level spot at
the end then goes up at about a 45 degree algle till it turns up sharply.
then about 2" up it turns to the right. I do believe that's a spray bar behind it. Well I would tie some Fissidens on the back side of that 2" part and they would wave in the current. Just that short virtical part.
I get carried away when I see opportunities like those two plant spots.
It's your tank and it needs to please you so...
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Thanks for the suggestions Raymond!
You are right about the level substrate, I gave it a shot after Solcielo mentioned it, and it is not possible with the egg crate. I considered cutting the egg crate back, but then the slope wouldve been extremely steep going towards the back on the right side. And I wanted the wood to escape the top of the tank some, as it is now. So... I'll break the rules and have a sloped front edge :icon_cool

For your suggestion in between the two limbs, I had planned on planting some anubias and maybe a brown crypt in that gap, possibly a little behind the gap so they grow through towards the front. A rock could still work wedged in there, with the plants growing out and around it as well. I may give that a shot!

The nana petite idea is good, I had planned on planting some of Anubias along the upper branches and letting them grow emmersed. Throwing a petite along that branch could be cool too. I have some xmas moss coming for the submerged branches as well.

I appreciate the suggestions a lot! It's nice to get others opinions on these sorts of things. I tend to get tunnel vision after awhile, and a second opinion helps break from that
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