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scape fu?

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is scape fu done? The guy Art hasn't released a new episode in almost a month.

any other podcasts to listen to about planted tank?

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Hey! Don't count me out so fast! I'm not done, I'm just getting started.

Apologies for the long delay (has it been a month!?), I'm a working Joe and work forced me to drop everything for a little bit. However, I'm working on the next episode that will be out this weekend.

As a preview, we have an interview with Karen Randall, Jeff Senske and more. I think the listeners will enjoy it.

I will endeavor to get these segments out regularly. However, I can't promise that they will be weekly as I need to take into account the life schedules of all of my guests. I'll do my best however.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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