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Saving Berries

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I'm new to the forum and would just like to share my success in saving a bunch of eggs from a dead RCS. The shrimp tank actually belongs to my son and he was quite upset to find one of his berried RCS lying dead on the aquarium floor. I remembered watching a Youtube video of someone giving instructions on how to save the eggs.

We basically followed the instructions and scraped off all the eggs from the dead mom. We then put all the eggs in a fine net (we didn't have a shrimp egg tumbler) and positioned it below the air pump in the aquarium for aeration. Our LFS told us not to waste our time but we persevered and to our surprise we saw baby shrimps swimming in the net after about 2 weeks.

Hope this helps with anyone else who loses a berried shrimp. :smile2:
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Yep, the eggs just need tumbling (water flow, such as from a HOB outlet works too) which simulates the mother fanning the eggs. Congrats!
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