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savaging bad mailed blyxa??

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I received some blyxa j. in the mail today from someone [will not name] that I bought from in the past and received healthy plants..
This time it was not so..
There was no extreems in weather temp for shipping so they did not bake or freeze to cause this..
As soon as I opened the ziplock bag the plants were in (wrapped in wet newspaper) a foul smell took over the air.
I open the bad and look at them over the sink, ALL the leaf tops (about 1/2 down) are melted and it smells putrid. I try to gently rinse the blyxa in a tuperware of tank water, when I dump out what came off it filled my sinks strainer with half liquified green goop and broken leaves. I'm hesitant to put this in any tank it smells so bad, and with so much coming off.. I'm guessing its already dieing/dead??
I really wish there was a way to transfer smell over the net so you can understand what I'm talking about...but all I can share are photos

Mind you I am not pounding these plants with full blast sink water or shaking them like mad in the tupperware water... using very gentle slow motion to remove anything loose I'm getting way more off than I should.

Can these be salvaged? Since ALL leaves arrived half melted is the plant basically dead? I've read blyxa is not like Val and hair grass, it doesn't survive leaf trimming with scissors.. so I'd susspect all the leaves will completely rot off since they already lost about 1/2 from liquifying in the mail.

Even after rinsing they still smell awful.. I'm hesitant to put them in the tank (houses dwarf puffers, a delicate fish).
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they grow pretty quickly ime. you really only need 1 good plant and if you have high light/co2, you'll have plenty soon enough.

i would try to salvage the best looking ones. might as well try since you have them.
Do you have a quarantine tank you can put them in? I wouldn't count them out just yet. You'd be surprised how quickly plants can rebound.
They don't travel well. My first few arrived in rough looking shape but the bounce back quickly. They grow quickly in high tech setups.
I don't have CO2 and they will share a tank with Italian Val so no Excel (seems to melt vals)

There are no "good ones" to salvage they're all affected sadly :c

Unfortunately my quarantine tank currently houses shrimp that I can't move out just yet (still need to verify their perm home is fully cycled). I'd rather not loose the shrimp..

I decided "[censor] it" and stuffed them in the tank they were destined for. Will keep close eye on params and fish.

Photo of plants in tank (and some of the fish) pardon the flash

I know its going to piss me off when lights turn on tomorrow... I can pretend its not so bad in the dark tank right now.
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I always hate when this happens, I've gotten a few packages that were pretty dead, someone mailed me some plants with no water, no moist towel nothing, and they were stiff and brittle once they got to me. I get so excited when I buy plants online and when they come and aren't at all what I expected them to be like I get pretty bummed out, so I can relate to how you are feeling now. I personally have not kept this plant before but from what other have said above it seems like they have a tendency to bounce back after near death experiences. Hopefully these will come back to life for you and you will be able to enjoy them.
I had some arrive in pretty rough shape, only in my case the roots were pretty beat up as well.

most of them survived, so keep hope
Ahhh the good old "[censor] it" mentality, I have those moments often!
Ahhh the good old "[censor] it" mentality, I have those moments often!
Lol, we've all had times like this. That usually comes right after the "Hit it with the {censored} hammer!" step, and right before the "I don't give a {censored} gimmie a beer"
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