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Sand foregrounds or paths?

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Does anyone have pictures of aquascapes with some kind of sand foreground or a sand pathway? (or do you know a user on here who does, and I can search their name)

I searched this forum, but I was having to click on every single thread that came up to see if it was what I was looking for. :confused:

Thank you!
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check this link... if you browse this website there are plenty of great idea's from some great aquascapers including sand paths/foregrounds
white sand path need painful efforts to keep it clean :)

You can check out my thread for the dry emersed growth tank I'm working on.
that's why i always praise every tank with white sand :)
Pure white sand looks unnatural. Use a more neutral tone sand, ADA's Nile Sand looks the best IMO. And it's not such an issue to keep spotless.
I have a path in my 65gl. Although I'm reluctant to point you to it because I've yet to incorporate it into the tank properly as I get the plant load done right, and I don't usually keep it clean. It doesn't look very natural either. Houseofcards has a tank posted on APC that has a nice canyon/path, and a lot of the Creative Aquascape Union tanks have some nice paths and open areas going on.
Thank you all for the info! I was considering pool filter sand, as I hear it is more natural looking and has some black and gray specs in it. I would be using it with Eco Complete (black).
Here's one I've always liked:

He posts over at apc as FAAO. Do a search for his threads.
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Okay. Thanks, all. I have a basic idea of what I want to do, but no idea how to separate the sand and Eco Complete successfully. Could I just line the edges of the desired pathway with small rocks? I want the separation device to not be visible or obvious.
You can use sheets of flexible plastic or card board temporarily while you pour and shape the substrates, then pull them carefully. You might even be able to leave them in during the fill up then pull them after half full and add the rocks, it'll be a bit cloudy for rock placement right away though. Without a good barrier in place at first, it's likely that you'll get tons of unwanted mixing right off the bat. And be extremely careful filling or the same thing can happen instantaneously when too much water rushes in. Some people set a plate on the substrate to distribute the water slowly, I put the garden hose on trickle and let the water pour down my driftwood. It took a long time to fill so I watched a movie. water clarity is much better when you fill that slow.

In my case, my rocks were quite big and created a thick heavy barrier which was all I needed. Eventually the subs will mix but you can siphon off the top and dust it over with new sand every so often. I use a small hand held kitchen strainer to sift SMS chunks out of the sand.
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Thanks for the ideas!!! Very helpful!
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