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Salvinia Minima Not Doing Well Outdoors

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Hello Ladies and gentlemen.

I am hoping I can get some suggestions on how to make my salvinia minima do better. I got a bunch of it in a plastic planter outdoors. Although it has multiplied tremendously, it does not look great.
It has some green plants, but most of them are brown.

A little more info on the set up:
It is a plastic planter, about 8" tall, I have no heater, filter or aereation. There is no livestock either. I use water from may main tank and I add Seachem Flourish. The planter was in a spor where it got direct sunlight most of the day, including noon and afternoon. I have since moved it to an area where it gets morning and a little bit of noon direct sunlight. It is equally bad in both locations.

What can I do to help them? Have they depleted the oxygen maybe? Do I need to move them to a bigger container and add livestock?

Below is a link to the image of the planter before I moved it. It had water Hyacinths, but they have been moved to another tub. There is only salvinia minima in the planter now.

Thank you,
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