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Dwarf Hair Grass = Day 33
S. Repens = Day 12

So, to anybody thats reading this thank you, it takes time to do these posts. Both plants are growling like crazy. So far from my experience:
Dwar Hair Grass: Takes about 2 weeks to get settled in, then grows like crazy! So many runners.
S. Repens: Takes about 3 days to get settled in, then grows like crazy!

In the next few days I am going to trim and replant my S. Repens and basically double the amount I have.

Bonus pictures = I gave my friend 3 stems of S. Repens for his small fluval tank. It is the stock light, so not very good, no co2, he uses seachem flourish. The pictures are day 1 and day 8. You can see S. Repens adapts quickly to it's environments and is not hard to grow.


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