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Salty shrimp GH+KH adds no KH

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I just switched to this from Fluval and decided to test it. My RO water started at 3 PPM TDS and I added enough SaltyShrimp GH+KH to get a TDS reading of 110 PPM but the KH remains at 0. Any idea why? My API KH kit is fairly new and my other tanks have the same KH readings they have had for a couple years so it is not the test kit. Any ideas?
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Hmm not sure why it isn't working, but you can add baking soda to increase the KH instead.

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What does the GH read?

My apologies as this is probably a stupid question... does the water turn yellow immediately after putting in one drop from the KH bottle and mixed up?

If this is for the N. davidi (cherry shrimp), most places actually recommend at least a TDS of 150 for them. Some might say a TDS of 80+ is fine, but I've had better luck with higher TDS. Around 80, the water was too soft and the shrimp died from molting problems.
Yes immediate reaction to yellow. According to instructions it should be 6 degrees of GH and 3 degrees of KH. At 110 TDS I can beleive the GH but there should be some measurable KH I would think. And yes, just cherries in this tank.
Just to confirm, can you take a photo of the product?

My only thoughts at the moment is that *maybe* you received the wrong product, even if it has the right packaging? Having no KH may or may not be an issue, and will depend on your cherries.
Do you test the water in the tank or in the basket of the mix?
If you test the water in the tank, then what soil/substrate are you using? Is it a buffering soil?
keymastr you are right. it doesn't add muck KH. In 5gal RO water I'm adding 1 1/2 measuring scoops and KH rice from 0 to 0.2-0.3 ppm GH goes to 4. Apparently most fancy reminilizers for tigers and neos doesn't add KH either.
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