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Salty Shrimp bee shrimp GH+

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Hi everyone- just some quick questions. Currently I have a few fire reds and cherries in a 10 gallon with some micro rasboras. I was recently advised that the salty shrimp (GH+ for bee shrimp) was a great product to use. I bought some and added very little to about 2 gallons of water during last nights water change. This morning my shrimp seemed super active and healthier than normal. Molting hasn't been a problem. I noticed active molting as I had been keeping small quantities of Indian almond leaves so that hasn't been a problem. Recently I have decided I don't like the yellow tinge to my water. I would like to add trace minerals another way.

Anyways, on the recommended dosage, it says dose one scoop per 5 gallons. I don't like to change more than 2 once every other week as shrimp are extremely sensitive and don't want to disrupt anything. I use 5 gallons of bottle RO water and was wondering if I could just treat water with 1 scoop and leave it standing and use water as I need it. Does anyone have experience with this? Would it hurt to leave free standing remineralized RO water? It's usually used up in 2 weeks or no more than 1 month. Thanks in advance.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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