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Saltwater tanks, FOWLR and Reef books

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I've been getting into saltwater tanks lately and I still love my planted tanks, I just want to expand. I know some of you here also do saltwater so I'll ask here. Are there any good books you would recommend to someone getting into saltwater. I plan on doing a FOWLR but also want to now a tiny bit about corals. Also if anyone recommends any good forums for all marine hobbyists. Thanks guys! I love my plants but I also love marine tanks too!
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reef sanctuary

all pretty busy forums. as for what books to recommend you? idk i just kinda dove head first into it and learned from mistakes and the forums
Yeah I was hoping there are some good books someone can recommend as well. I want a book or books because I enjoy coming home from work and just being able to read about something and sitting with a book instead of sitting on the computer. Just my preference for learning, I enjoy a good book!
probably the best books for you to start out with would be

the conscientious marine aquarist by robert fenner
Reef Invertebrates: An Essential Guide to Selection, Care and Compatibility by anthony calfo

HIGHLY recomended reading. both of them are excellent books get your feet wet with the first and the second is a little more advanced anfd will assist you greatly in choosing the right inhabitants for your tank.

here is a link to my old SW forum (one of my picture threads)
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