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saltwater tank to a freshwater tank

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I got a couple tanks that use to be used as saltwater tanks. These tanks are pretty dirty and has allot of salt residue in it. I scarped out as much salt as I could with a razor blade. I am soaking it in bleach water now. Is there anything else I should do to make sure all the salt is out of the tank. I would hate for my freshwater inhabitants to get sick or die because of left over salt mix.
Thanks for any suggestions you might have :)
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I think vinegar will remove coraline algae. juss fill with water leave it for a day with filter running with fresh carbon then rinse well after.
going from salt to fresh:
if they're glass tanks, just scrape away whatever is stuck on with a razor blade. If there are some really bad patches of coralline algae, vinegar works, and so does a week solution of murietic acid. No real need for bleach, but you already did it so no harm. Then just rinse rinse rinse. No need to run carbon in the won't take anything out.
Thanks for the tips. I actually got these tanks from a friend who use to have saltwater tanks. They must have been in storage for a long time because they were pretty filthy.
Thanks again :)
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