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hey everyone! long time offline!
I have some plants to sell, some of my own and some from a good friend of mine whom asked me to sell for her

Bolbitis "mini", not the "micro" one, but not the giant one. grows to around 10-12 inches tall. green and beautiful! $SOLD

Crypt Nurii, mother plants, these were crammed together and grew upwards from under a log, and the color don't stand up as much as I would like them to. $15 ea

Anubias sp. "Gasser",SOLD

Narrow Leaf Java Ferns, very easy to grow, beautiful and very green ferns. attach to rock or woods $5 per bunch TWO BUNCHES LEFT 1 LEFT

Echinodorus sp. "Red Devil", my second favorite sword (that I keep anyways), develops a beautiful red/burgundy color under higher light. one runner for $10 1 LEFT

Anubias (Gigantea?), large form of anubias I acquired recently. splitting the bunch because its too large. pic coming soon, too late to split now. $10 1 LEFT, AND THE SMALL ONE FOR $5

bolbitis is sold.

half the java ferns are sold.

free hydrocotyle sp w purchase of anything else, grows taller, about 8-10 inches each (node?)

here are some pics of those anubias (gigantea?) $10 ea big one, $5 for the little one, $20 for all three. the one in the tank w the rainbows swimming is not included

I apologize for the crappy cell phone pics,
Shipping via usps 2-3 days to most of the states for a flat $7 BEWARE of your local weather! its behaving in the Northern Virginia area, but as summer aproaches it can change quickly. any questions please let me know
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