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I had to downsize recently and no longer have room for this one. I've had some great experiences buying/selling here before and I hope I can give you guys a good deal.

46 gallon bowfront with wood stand: Ask $140 - SOLD
- Tank is 36" x 12" x 20.5". Trim matches the wood. The glass and silicone are in great condition, aside from minor scratches on the bottom glass panel. There may be some minor algae spots on the sides.
- Stand: 37" x 17" x 27.5". There is a wood support in the back that makes this stand completely secure. Plenty of room in the cabinet below. No water damage, minor stain on the bottom inside (damn Flourish Excel).
- I will only sell them as a set, please don't ask that I sell them separately. It also includes the stock canopy and light fixture. The hinges on the canopy broke off, however it is easy to remove the hood for feeding time and maintenance. The light has a decent reflecting case with a 36 watt bulb. The lighting unit is extremely clean and was barely used.

Current Satellite 36"-48" LED light fixture: Ask $60
- The fixture itself is 36", however legs extend on either side to fit on a 48" aquarium. The legs do not require a canopy for support so it can be an interesting option for an open top aquarium.
- Used for for approximately 8 months. All light setting variations work. Very clean and well maintained.
- Includes remote control, instruction guides, and the original box.

I'm located in Western Suffolk, however I do meet ups or drop offs. I can only accept cash. If you would like both the tank/stand and the Current LED fixture, we can certainly make a deal. No reasonable offers refused!! Thank you for looking all, please comment or PM me for questions and inquiries.


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