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Check out the Aqua Design Innovations fourm on The Planted Tank!!!

Hey All!

Another new batch! Some highlights of the week here:

Maculata Rasbora- colors pop out great! schools extremely well too. Because of their small size, put 30 in a 5 gallon and it will look much bigger than it actually is.

SALE $2 Threadfin Rainbows- These guys have been feeding on high quality frozen and dried foods for over a month now! The blue, green, shiny silver and red on the tails are gorgeous!

Eleocharis Belem **this you won’t find a better deal than this!
1x1inch $6
2x2inch $16
3x3inch $36

This sale will last for a limited time only, so take advantage of it!

Please pay attention to the shipping policies. We are now offering UPS NEXT DAY AIR+ LIVE ARRIVAL for just $12!!! Enjoy!

Like our Facebook page (Aquadesigninnovations) for FREE SHIPPING $35+.


-$12 for UPS next day air! LIVE ARRIVAL Guaranteed
-FREE USPS priority/ UPS 2nd day air for $35+(no guarantee)
-30% off your local fish store guaranteed!

Heat/cold packs are available for $.50 only upon request. Please keep your local weather in mind. <50*F will require heatpacks and >85* will require cold packs. Recipient is responsible for DOAs caused by weather if heat/cold packs are not requested. We have a 98% survival rate on our shipments but in the unlikely case of a DOA, please contact us at info at aquadesigninnovations dot com to provide feedback on how we can improve shipments.

If you have the Live Arrival guarantee, we will send a replacement package the following week or provide a partial refund of order minus our shipping cost. Photos with the livestock inside the original packaged bag within first 2 hours of arrival are required to be valid for the Live Arrival Guarantee

-We ship to all of continental US except San Francisco to avoid competition with our partners. For reliable, local San Francisco sources contact these stores:
adana-usa AFA
Updated list 11/14!

Maculata Rasbora- $1.50 each 16 minimum

Celestial Pearl Danios- $3.50 each 12 minimum

Cardinal Tetras- $1.50 each 12 minimum

Dwarf Neon Rainbows- $3 each 6 minimum

Blue Neon Stiphodon Gobies $8 each 2 minimum

Featherfin/Threadfin Rainbows SALE $2 each 12 minimum

Rummy Nose Tetra- $1.50 each 12 minimum

Scarlet Badis- $2 each 6 minimum

Pea Puffer- $2 each 3 minimum

Assassin Snails- $1.50 each 12 minimum

Zebra Nerite- $1.50 each 12 minimum

Tricolor Horned Nerite- $1.50 each 12 minimum

orders less than $35, $13 shipping fee applies
All SUPER Healthy, feed on 10+ types of food 5x/day

Plants (updated 11/19):

-Limno Guinea
-Limno Mini Vietnam
-Rotala Macrandra
-Asian Ambulia
-E. Tenellus Red

$2/stem slow growers
-rotala pearl

$3 potted
-Crypt Brown

Anubias Nana Petite rhizhome

-Microsorium Pteropus: Java fern

$6 potted
-Anubias Barteri
-Anubias Golden

-Anubias Minima
-Elocharis Pavulus
-Microsorium Windelov
-Anubias Nana

Anubias Nana Petite pot

Bolbitis mini

orders less than $35, $13 shipping fee applies

-non cc paypal only

Thanks for looking!
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