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I came home today and saw a shrimp looking thing at the top of my tank, and thought oh no our little amano died (only amano in the tank ATM), just to realize he/she molted! He's been doing so well. He's out and about all the time, and I'm happy to see the water is comfortable enough that he molted! But aside from him being happy our Neons are not. At all. And I have a feeling it's due to the pH lowering with the addition of CO2 in the tank (injected).

I'm going to do a pH test tomorrow when I can get to the Koi Pond shed where the water kits are, but assuming our speculations are correct, what are the safest ways to raise pH (and kH to stabilize it) with our shrimp? There are a few bamboo shrimp in there as well (they hide for the most part but are out at night and in the early morning), and I don't want to disturb them, especially since the Amano just molted.

We've lost two neons in the last few days, and the others aren't as active as they should be. All the other fish aren't as active either, except for the Chinese Algae Eater, the Rainbow Shark, the Danios and the shrimp-though the Rainbow is a bit slower these days too. I'm fairly certain oxygen isn't the problem, as no one is gasping at all, and we have a LOT of surface agitation. Nothing has changed except for the addition of the CO2.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Baking soda would increase your KH and increase your pH. There are also shrimp specific products such as Mosura pH Up which also raises your KH and pH (though I am not sure what it is using to do that).

I would suggest turning down your CO2 as well though to see if everyone livens up. If they do then you can slowly increase it over a period of a week or two to find the right level that everyone is acting normal.
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