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safe way to dose flourish for nano tanks?

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I only have between 2.5-4 gallons of water in my dwarf frog tank.

How can I safely dose about 0.25 ml of Flourish?

I also have seachem flourish tabs, but afraid to use them if they were accidently disturbed (my water quality would go to hell).

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About ¼ of the pipette that comes with the bottle will be 0.25 ml.
I would suggest going to your local pharmacy and buying a 1ml syringe. Its only 30 cents or so. If they ask just tell them its for your smack... I mean for dousing aquarium fertilizers.
i never found a pipette that came with the bottle.
the older black bottles came with pipettes. I think Seachem stopped including them in the new white bottles. a syringe will be alot easier and more accurate anyhow.
My bottle didn't come with a pipette either, but I was able to get one from my pharmacy.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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