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safe paint for painting rocks

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The artificial rock that is actually a PAR sensor holder I have is meant to look like live rock, so it's purple. Kind of clashes with the whole freshwater look...

Specifically, what can I paint it with that's non-toxic and waterproof?
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I have read that Drylok is pretty inert. People use it for custom backgrounds in both aquariums and vivariums. You can mix non-toxic pigments or acrylic paint into it (to tint it) as well.
another option would be to paint the rock with acrylic paint and then use a spray paint like Krylon UV Resistant Acrylic Coating
I think the acrylic coating is key to a long term fish safe paintjob. The guys on that show "Tanked" have coated payphones and sports memorabilia, etc and put it in tanks. However, what's good for TV is seldom realistic but something encapsulated in acrylic should be straight.

Or use Drylock like hygropunk mentioned and then clear coat it. I would test paint and coat something else first to make sure it dries clear and looks how you want it to. Once the acrylic dries completely it'll be safe. Don't use a polyester resin, it'll leach VOC's for a while
Alternatively, you could coat it with brown-colored silicone, stick a bunch of cocopeat to it, and culture moss to the cocopeat.
Thanks guys! I am sure I can get Krylon at home depot/lowes, can I get Drylock there, too?

Banableps, I thought about that but I don't want any moss to obscure the sensor. I've already chipped away at the rock (large fist size originally) to make it as small as possible just to weigh the sensor down, so I'm hoping painting it black will make it just blend in inconspicuously with the aquasoil.
On second thought, that's probably for the best. Moss grows quick - might mess with the sensor, no?

Paint might stick to fake rock better if you rough it up with some sand paper first.
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