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Safe for Cherry Shrimp?

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I have just recently started up an iwagumi layout with HC. I will also be adding neons to this tank. Would the cherry shrimp be ok in this tank with a PH of around 7.6 as long as i kept the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates in check?
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A better question is are shrimp safe with tetras... ;)

The params are fine.
The cherry shrimp will be fine with almost any water parameter. When I got mine I got tired of waiting for them to have babies. I went out of town for 3 days without lights no water top off and came back with hundreds of babies. Oh yeah, they're party shrimps in the dark. As far as tetra with them, the word is no shrimp is safe with any fish, just like me, I'll add fish with mine. I don't think the shrimps will stop producing, just not as many.
Thanks for the advice, what are some nice "shrimp safe" fish that look good and school together?
Maybe some nano fish? Also, emerald eye rasboras are very timid IME.

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Otos are the only for sure shrimp safe fish, all others are questionable, doesn't matter how small they are.
Cpd that i keep with mine never touch the shrimp. Even when babies swim in open water
what about PPS Pro ferts? are those safe?
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