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Sad plants?

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I've got these deficiencies? In some plants. I'm having trouble getting a solid answer of what I need to dose. I have osmocote root tabs, dose flourish excel every 2 days, flourish comprehensive once every 2 weeks. Substrate is flourite and a current satellite plus light. Tank is a 40gallon tall. This is actually my father in laws tank and he's asking me cause I got him into live plants....and now his tanks look nicer than mine...

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The flourite itself doesn't have a whole lot of nutrients. Some iron and clay but the osmocote tablets that are in the substrate have a lot of nutrients.

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What kind of dosing scheme you using? It definitely is deficiency, K perhaps?

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They look a little sad

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Yea probably lacking in Macro nutrients (NPK). Just dose a little and you should start seeing stuff getting better.

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Since you have tons of fish Nitrogen and Phosphorous is not a problem....I suspect they are lacking potassium. I am no expert but NPK is basic things that needed for avg growth since you are having holes in Leaves that means the plant tissue is breaking.
I'd shy away from using flourish and just use dry fertilizers from GLA or NilocG aquatics. Cheap, efficient, and will last a long time.

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