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I started out with a 5" EBJD and she was happy as could be until my now educated daughter thought she was doing tricks when she would run up to the tank and shout at her. "Tricks being bouncing off the glass and trying to jump out"

Not sure how long that went on before I caught her. any way this ebjd then started hiding and rightfully so. So I bought a juvi JD for her thought she will like him or think he is an enemy either way. after about two week and no scaring he started acting like her.

He at least knows when its food time and comes out, her I have to catch her in the middle of the night when she is out and feed her. She eats when she see's the food, but as she stays hiding 90% of the day. I have taken to over feeding in hopes she eats it at some point. She is growing so she must be eating something.
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