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Sacramento Arden Petco Manager Specials

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I keep coming across amazing deals at this petco so I just wanted to give people a heads up. For some reason the manager loves discounting ZooMed aquarium products. I picked up a ZooMed 501 for $12.00! For $23 I couldn't resist having one as a backup, but it rang up for $12 instead so even better. If you live around the area you should venture in from time to time. Look for dusty boxes and orange discount price tags on the product itself.

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All Petco stores are discounting Zoo Med products. Some have even dropped prices to 10-25% of retail depending location. Most Petco's have depleted their Zoo Med stock already. Petco and Zoo Med have parted ways and Zoo Med will no longer be carried at Petco retail stores or Petco online. I picked up all the T5HO 5000k and 6500k bulbs they had in stock at the 4 Petco's near my home. 16 bulb total now at an average of 5.00 a piece. Prices per bulb ranged from 2.5 - 7.95 for the 24" variety.

Great deal. I saw a 36" dual fixture for 29.99 and timers for 2.95. excellent pricing for decent products.
The ZooMed Turtle specific products are not discounted at the Arden Petco. The Turtle 501 was still $59.99. But it's good to know. Might pick up more products if they are this cheap. 80% off on a 501 is not a bad buy.
Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to go check my local petco in the Bay Area to see if I can snag a filter for $12! Been throwing around the idea of using a mini canister filter as a co2 reactor
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