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I have S and SS grade CRS & CBS that I would like to sell. They are breeding pretty fast. These are juvies. They are from a colony that gets culled for coloration, so the whites are bright, and there are not clear areas in the shrimp. The pictures aren't great, but its the best I could get.

I am not used to shipping with heating packs. I ship in small foam coolers. If you want a heating pack for shipping I will need instructions, and the added weight and size may affect the shipping rate. If you want overnight shipping let me know and I will get a quote. I try to charge what it costs me to ship.

I am looking for $4.50 each for S grade and $6 each for SS. I have PFR as well if anyone is looking to add some on to an order. Shipping is $8. They are shipped in mini coolers in Kordon breather bags with a plant to hold onto. For orders of over 10 crystal shrimp 2 extra will be tossed in to cover any DOA. For DOAs above that please take a picture of them in the unopened bag and email me immediately. I only guarantee live arrival on first attempt.


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