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S/S+ CRS in Vancouver, Washington

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I got some CRS if anyone is interested. Selling for $5/each. Minimum of 5 per visit.

vband and tiger tooth formations. Will post pics at later date.

Text 360.991.7508
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Dang! I wish I lived closer to ya...Maybe I can get my parents to drive me going to go to the GSAS meeting? I will be attending that.
I havent attend anything meeting-wise. Just got a few tanks and come on here for algae info and whatnot. Hopefully I'll have some ss grade here pretty soon aswell. I want to start selling shrimp on a larger scale.
want To Buy Fancy Pleco - Vancouver or Portland Area

No commons, albinos or larger than 6" preferred. Species such as gold nuggets. blue green phantoms, royals, spotted, snowflakes, goldies, etc... If you have one of these plecostomus. Contact me with the details and asking price at [email protected] Thanks.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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